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´╗┐The Meaning of Operation Career Military Transition Job Portal


Have you ever heard of the Operation Career Military Transition Job Portal? You have probably heard of those in the military who have later on considered a different career. If yes, then you will understand easily what the Operation Career Military Transition Job Portal does. The Operation Career Military Transition Job Portal helps individuals who would like to end their military career for what ever reasons they have. It is also for the federal employees and veterans who would like to try a different type of work. Operation Career is a free job portal designed specifically for them.

Their website is the Operation Career Military Transition Job Portal from which military or federal employees can register for free and access available jobs for their new chosen career paths. It is a way for them to connect with their possible future employers. All they have to do is log on and register at It can verify if they are really working or have been a military or federal employee or veteran and link them to the jobs they can take.

Another portal that provides a similar service is the Operation Transition. Again, the Operation Transition and the Transition Bulletin Board or TBB has a database of available jobs and helpful information to help the employees of the Department of Defense move on into a civilian life as smoothly as possible. It was a 1991 Defense Authorization Act which has necessitated the Defense Secretary to offer help to those who are departing from the department as well as their spouses. The Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, and Coast Guard are all included in the Public Law. They are to be provided employment assistance with the use of such Operation Career Military Transition Job Portal. The TBB or Transition Bulletin Board provides 24,000 employers to the Department of Defense employees and spouses who are looking for new jobs and careers.

According to their statistics, there have been 30,000 logins everyday. At the same time, there are more than 30,000 available jobs that can be viewed in the database daily as well. There were a lot of success stories since the creation of Operation Career Military Transition Job Portal. Indeed it is a helpful site for those who have been protecting America over the years.

Other US Government sites that can be helpful are which provides career and alumni programs for those seeking career transitions. Another site is the which is the transition assistance web site of the Department of Defense listing all helpful links for career transition and job search.

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