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What is Inter Services Intelligence Recruitment?


The Inter Services Intelligence is a form of internal services within the country of Pakistan. It is one of three main intelligence quarters within the Pakistan government and is the largest and most powerful. Both civilians and members of the armed forces can join this Inter Services Intelligence sector within the government. For civilians, the Inter Services Intelligence recruitment is done by the government and these civilians go through vigorous testing in order to make in just even this far.

Civilians who are taken into the Inter Services Intelligence recruitment are considered to be members of the Ministry of Defence because they have no military training to be a field agent in this government section. The Federal Public Services Commission (FPSC) is in charge of the Inter Services Intelligence recruitment within Pakistan. They conduct various types of examinations for military and civilians alike in regards to joining this intelligence sector. They test the candidates’ knowledge on current affairs, English and their various analytical abilities as well. All of these tests are necessary in order to even be considered for a position in this prestigious government order.

It is based on the results of these Inter Services Intelligence recruitment tests that determine whether you move on to the next steps of this vigorous interviews and examinations. The FPSC will shortlist the accepted candidates and they are then sent to the ISI who begin a background check on each of these prospective candidates. If your background checks turn out positive than selected candidates will be invited for an interview.

The Inter Services Intelligence recruitment process does not end here, if you have a successful interview you may be chosen to continue on with the examination process. This includes extreme fitness tests, medical and psychological examinations as well. If you pass all these tests you may be offered a position within the ISI and only upon your acceptance are you granted clearance for training. You then attend the Inter Services Intelligence School to train for your new career position.

Inter Service Intelligence recruitment is not an easy process but for people who are looking for this type of government position within a country which is ever growing and requiring these intelligence services, you will find the tests to be well worth it. Officers and military men and women take a different approach to this application process but one that is close to that of a civilian based on their military experience. Joining the Pakistan ISI is something that many people aspire to, if you are determined enough to pass these examinations of mental and physical nature, you are more than ready to take on what this job has to offer.

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