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It Has to be Asda Recruitment


Asda was originally an independent British supermarket operation that was taken over by the American giant Walmart. The company kept the brand name Asda and are continually opening new stores and recruiting new employees to staff them. Asda recruitment has undergone some major changes of late. It used to be that Asda advertised on their website and locally whenever they had a recruitment drive. Sometimes this was the result of the opening of a new store and sometimes recruitment drives were seasonal – at Christmas or Easter when the company uses extra part-time staff to cope with the increased business. People could apply online or they could visit their local store if it was recruiting and ask for an application form. If the application form was satisfactory then potential employees would be invited for an interview. Those people who did well at interview would then employed for a probationary period. If they did well in the initial training period they would become part of the local Asda team.

People could apply in store for an application form or they could apply online and send in their cvs. Potential employees were then short listed and those who were fortunate were then selected for interview. More recently Asda recruitment has become a lot more formalized. They have taken advice from a business consultancy agency and introduced psychological testing as part of the recruitment process. The psychological testing used by Asda will be to determine whether the potential employee’s personality matches the Asda brand. In a new Asda recruitment drive the store has joined forces with a psychology consultancy company, Criterion. The personality information that the consultancy collects is designed to inform them who would be successful in working for Asda.

The methods that Criterion uses act as a sifting process in that besides identifying those applicants most likely to be successful members of the company but also those who might need further testing by the resource teams. Until this point Asda relied on cvs and initial interviews to assess whether or not applicants would be suitable employees for the supermarket giant. With the new system the interviewing process has been cut by more than fifty percent. Store assistants will be recruited as before while the new method of Asda recruitment will be used for management applicants and those wishing to work in head office.

Representatives of the company say that the new methods of Asda recruitment is a way of ensuring that potential employees will have as much interest in the company and its future as existing management staff.

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