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HR Theories about Online Recruitment – Pro or Con?


Online recruitment for employment has been around for a few years now and is quite successful and effective for both the employer and the employees. They have been different opinions on the use of online recruitment from both ends. There are also HR theories about online recruitment. They have both pros and cons about this internet job service.

One of the HR theories about online recruitment is that it is definitely going to be the way of the future. Many Human Resource representatives in businesses like the use of online recruitment because it allows them to find qualified applicants in a matter of minutes. With the traditional method of looking for employees, a job posting needs to be put in the newspaper and must be run in the paper for a certain amount of time. Then there is the usual calling, setting up interviews and then performing them. This needs to be done each time a new job position is open.

HR theories about online recruitment are that a lot of time can be saved with online recruiting. Qualified applicants can be retrieved from the database in a manner of minutes. Either the HR representative can call them or a referral agent, if one is being used. The qualified applicants that show up on the database are current, whereas, pulling paper applicants from previous openings may result in applicants no long available or looking for work. A lot of time as well as workforce has been wasted in this manner. With the assistance of a referral agent from the online recruitment service, much of the initial interviewing is taken place immediately, again saving time for the company.

One concern that the HR Department of most businesses has is that the company needs to remember to post certain of the laws on their online recruiting site such as Equal Opportunity Employer, etc. Additional HR theories about online recruitment are that many companies online forget to take care of this, feeling if it's posted on their physical job location, it's sufficient. Legal liabilities need to be considered anytime there is employment involved.

As positive as most of the reviews involving online recruitment have been, there are still some HR theories about online recruitment that indicate that they are not 100% in favor or the process. Many HR Representatives believe that only a small percentage of employees use the online recruitment services and that much more publication and advertisements need to generated to increase the amount of traffic in these sites. They also have a concern about some of the applicants, due to it all being over the internet with no real contact. Often, excess time and money is spent on an employee that appears good "on paper", but when the face to face interview takes place, the applicant seems to be a different person.

Inspite of the few negatives involved in online recruitment, HR theories about online recruitment are still that it is the way of the future.

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