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Online Recruitment And Selection Article

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With the job market as it is, finding good jobs is often very difficult. The same goes for employers that are looking for good qualified employees. More and more companies are choosing to use online recruitment and selection to find qualified applicants. There are many online recruitment services available, so you have a good choice of which company to use. Some people will use more than one company to increase their chances of finding a job or finding a good employee, in the case of a company.

There is a procedure involved in the online recruitment and selection process. The business that is looking for employees registers with the online recruitment company, giving them all the personal data that is required. They then enter the data involving what they are looking for in a qualified employee. Sometimes companies are looking for just a couple employees, whereas other times, they are in need of many employees to fill different positions within the company.

An important part of the online recruitment and selection process that is often overlooked is posting of legal statements. These are very important as well as being required by law. Some of these statements are that the company is an equal opportunity employer. It is also vital that the company does not refer to age, race, sex or national origin as part of the online recruitment and selection procedure. This is illegal and can open the company up to a discriminatory lawsuit.

The wording that is used in an online recruitment and selection service must be followed. For instance, if you state that there is a deadline to when you will be accepting applications, you cannot extend that date. There are many situations where companies have been victims of lawsuits because of a disgruntled individual that wasn't hired and felt it was due to their age or race. This may or may not have been the case, but if the company does not follow the law to the letter, they can have problems.

Going through the applicants is the next step in the process of online recruitment and selection. This is usually a step where the Human Resources Department will assist the employee because of their knowledge of the legal ramifications as well as the company's individual hiring practice. The software for the online recruitment program makes it easy as it filters through all the applicants and will only pull up the ones that meet all the criteria required. From there, the last step of the online recruitment and selection is completed, which is selecting the individual that is most qualified for the position (s).

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