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Hotel Management Career: Leadership and Customer Service


Some people do a much better job at leading people than being led. In these instances, these people are much better off going into a career in management. This way, they can lead, motivate, and inspire people to do a great job. If this sounds like the type of career that you would like to have, then you should know that, when you are a manager, you can really choose any field in which to manage. One of the better management fields is hotel management. The people who usually go into a hotel management career are the ones who like to make sure that customers get the best service that they possibly can. If you like customers and want to see them all happy, then you might be very suited to a hotel management career. There are some things that you should know about it though that can help you in making your decision.

In a lot of management careers, all you need is good leadership skills. Although this is definitely needed in a hotel management career, there are other things that you will need as well. Most importantly, this kind of job requires a lot of customer service. If you aren't good at dealing with customers or you don’t like to go by the motto, 'the customer is always right,' then you should probably consider managing something that doesn’t have to do with customers. If you do like working with customers, and giving them what they want, then you would be perfect for a hotel management career.

Another thing that you should know is that, depending on the size of the hotel and how they organize their staff, you may end up with the duty of managing a much larger group of people than you normally would. When you work for a computer company for example, you may only manage a group of five to ten people. When you have a hotel management career, you may end up managing up to one hundred people. After all, there is a lot of staff involved in running and maintaining a hotel. Some hotel managers are in charge of the whole staff. Other times, there are lower level managers that have control over only certain kinds of staff members, such as cleaning staff or receptionists. You should know how well you manage groups of people before you start a hotel management career. If you are fine with large groups of people, then don't hesitate to strive for the management position that controls the whole hotel's staff. This way, if you do go, it will be quite an achievement.

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