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´╗┐The Cycle of Human Resources Training and Development


The human resources profession is a growing within the business world as well as in many other organizations and areas of study and work. Human Resources is the connection between the clients or customers, employees, and senior executives. The human resources department is not only responsible for clerical duties like organizing files, but also of hiring and firing as well as training and development. The department has so many different positions and responsibilities that it allows for a dynamic yet stable career.

Human resources training and development starts with education. There are several human resources programs available at many different institutes and colleges. The human resources training and development is often well rounded including several different areas of study. These areas include business, administration, human relations, computer skills, and other areas depending on the specific course of study. The programs often focus on several different areas in order to educate the students on the business, clerical, and staff relations areas of the job position. Employers will look for knowledge and competence in many of these areas when hiring for their human resources department. During the training and development received at the college, the students will most likely come into contact with different recruiters. These recruiters will come to the schools looking for eligible and competent future employees.

The human resources training and development then continues once the student has been hired with an organization. The human resources department is responsible for the training and development of the new employees. The new employees are trained by their future colleagues of the department. The new employee will get trained in all elements of the human resources department. The job description and the specifics of the job will depend on the organization and will vary from company to company. The prior education that the employee received in their program will help them in the job regardless of their specific duties.

Not only are the new employees in the human resources department trained by the department, but employees in other areas of the work place are trained there as well. The human resources training and development also included the other business employees. Employees hired into the organization must go through human resources before entering into their new position. There, the employee will fill out paper work, give their personal information, and be trained on the policies and procedures of the business. The human resources training and development regardless of the level at which it occurs needs to be as concrete and professional as possible in order to keep the business running as smooth as possible.

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