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The human resources field has many different options for work available. Not only are there positions available in office at both entry level and management positions but they are positions available that are involve in community outreach. The human resources recruiter is usually out in the community, visiting colleges, and finding qualified staff for human resources positions.

The human resources recruiter has a very important job and therefore must be highly informed in the organization’s operations and purposes. They are seeking out appropriate job applicants and future employees and need to be able to educate and sell the company to these qualified peoples. The most frequent place that they do visit is colleges. There are often job fairs and seminars held at different schools and it is the job of the recruiter to attend these and find new employees. They must be knowledgeable on the wages, job requirements, different positions available, benefit packages, and the business as a whole in order to answer questions they are going to be asked. The recruiter also needs to be informed and knowledgeable about current work force concerns, equal opportunity employment, and the opportunities that other offices are offering.

The human resources recruiter is most definitely the first impression that people and future employees are going to receive and therefore should present themselves in very specific ways. How the recruiter acts, dresses, and addresses people is going to make an impression on possible candidates about not only the recruiter but the business as a whole as well. The recruiter should always maintain professionalism in their dress as well as their attitude. The information they are handing out and giving people should be easy to read as well as attractive to the eye. The recruiter should also have well developed communication skills. It is essential that they are capable of getting someone’s attention and then be able to keep that person there long enough to explain the positions and the work place.

The human resources recruiter relies on their confidence on their knowledge of the business and their personality to attract new employees to the business. However, they are also responsible for other tasks as well. They are often involved in the hiring of persons. Further to this, they often run some of the training of the new staff as well as any tests that need to be completed during the hiring process. The contact the human resources recruiter has with the community is an essential link between the company as a whole and the eligible work force.

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