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The human resources manager is responsible for the hiring, firing, compensation, training, and position assignment. However, because they are often dealing with decisions that affect the business, often the executives of the company will over see their decisions. Although there tends to be an understanding between the human resources manager and the executives that they are highly trained and educated in the area and often the decision of the human resources manager is the decision that is finalized.

Hiring and firing can be a very important decision for the human resources manager to make because often the level of quality the employees are outputting determines how well the company is functioning and thriving. Therefore the education and qualifications of the human resources manager is highly important as well. They are a crucial person involved in the business as a whole. They are somewhat responsible for how well the business functions. Depending on what the business is and how large it is will depend on what the human resources manager is in charge of. If the business is a smaller business then often they will not have assistants under them to do the smaller more tedious work. Therefore the human resources manager will be responsible for making calls and setting appointments for interviews as well as being the first impression for the business. They are also responsible for keeping track of the employee records as well as insurance and benefit information. If the business is larger then there are human resources assistants who will take care of that work.

Human resources managers must be highly qualified for the position. This means that they must be educated as well as have plenty of work experience in related areas. Most employers prefer that someone being hired in this position have at least a bachelor’s degree and should have had a well rounded undergraduate degree. This includes having taken courses in the areas of business and economics in addition to behavioral sciences courses. This is because the person must not only understand how the business functions but also be able to connect with employees in an assertive manner when necessary and a personal manner when necessary. Employers will often look for work experience as another qualification. The amount of work experience they have had in related fields may determine how comfortable they will be in a management position as well as their understanding of the big picture of the business. A master’s degree in human resources management is something that is highly sought after among employers in the business world.

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