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B2B Human Resources


What is the term B2B human resources? It is short for business to business human resources. Business to business by itself is the transaction of resources or services between businesses. In the case of B2B human resources then must mean the transaction of human resources between businesses. The term B2B being used within the realm of human resources is somewhat confusing as its origin was formed in electronic commerce most often in the form of automated processes. Obviously the term has been taken out of its original meaning and is now being used for something more and used in other areas of business.

To apply B2B to human resources is somewhat difficult. The key is to find what is being transacted between the two businesses. The resource of employees could most definitely be passed from one business to another. Employees are introduced and terminated into several organizations and business through the human resources department. The B2B human resources then become the transaction of employees from one business to another. This could be as simple as the relocation of an employee from one business to a similar or the same business in a different place. B2B human resources could also be the transaction of information between the businesses. Information must be passed from business to business especially when they are involved in different levels of the same product or service. The businesses might share policies or procedures and the human resources team is responsible for the implantation and production of these policies. Information is most definitely a resource for the businesses receiving or outputting that information.

B2B human resources at the least could be the communication between one business and another regardless of the motive or content of that communication. The human resource department of one business will need to contact the human resource department of another business for various reasons. There are in fact organizations that specialize in human resources. These organizations typically will specialize in software involving different elements of the human resources department. A business may then contact this company and receive services or software regarding payroll standards, staff training information, information on keeping files and information up to date, and any other topic related to the department of human resources. The term B2B has most definitely extended past its original purpose on the arena of electronic commerce. It is now a very useful term that has sparked business solutions specific to the department of human resources. The idea of B2B human resources can be interpreted to mean several things

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