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Child Development Career Article

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´╗┐Creative People Wanted for a Child Development Career


A person interested in a child development career has many opportunities to choose from. Child development career workers are teachers, teaching assistants, school directors, social workers, early education teachers and so forth. They teach and promote a child's ability for intellect, social responsibility, motor skills, oral skills, physical and emotional development through educational programs and activities.

One of the top skills needed in a child development career is patience. No two children are alike and each presents their own needs and desires for the worker to address. Another skill is communication. Those in child development must be able to convey their meanings in a way a child will understand without talking down to them, or making them shy away.

Creativity and the ability to nurture are huge factors in a child development career worker. An employer understands that by keeping the child's mind from boredom the child is less likely to get into trouble in the future. Since children learn through play, it is an important aspect to their every day lives even in school. A teacher encourages this through music, exercise, art, activities, storytelling, reading and writing projects. They also encourage social interaction while attempting to teach respectability of others and their belongings.

Beyond teaching, the worker is expected to perform some physical activities, such as lifting, carrying, scooping and bending. This includes objects needed for their job and the child, who may need assistance on occasion.

Current salaries for starting child development career workers begin at seven to fifteen dollars per hour depending on where the person will work and what their job entails.

Some current jobs for a child development career worker include, but are by no means limited to, psychologist, nanny, art teacher, art therapist, social worker, teacher aid, school nurse, human resource, counselor, recreation therapist and children's entertainer.

What does it take to become a child development career worker? It depends on what occupation the person goes into. All should go through early childhood and child development programs. Likewise, anyone entering the field must understand the challenges they will face when working with children. The requirements vary by state and region. Most insist on a bachelor degree in early childhood education.

Continuing population growth ensures that there will always be jobs waiting for those who want to get involved in child development. The field is ever expanding with a great need for more workers.
Search the local paper, or online for information on education requirements, state requirements, and available local job opportunities. Careers in child development grow daily with a need for patience, nurturing people who wish to inspire the young.

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