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A career development center is a service, or group of programs directed at assisting undergraduates, graduates, and alumni plan and cope with career transitions in their every day life. While each center has their differences, all include career counselors who will sit down and work one-on-one with students and alumni.

One place to find a career development center is on, or nearby a university or college. Such centers cater to all students and alumni for all types of degrees and career goals. Here a student gets help from professors and counselors on how to fit their career to their personality, present skills and interests. They also help people discover which area, or areas, to major in as well as hone their interviewing skills, learn to negotiate salaries and locate internships.

Some hospitals and clinics include a career development center aimed at assisting and educating nurses and practitioners as they achieve their career goals. A few online web sites list a skills checklist that covers what is needed not only in order to succeed, but also to work with patients. Caregivers for the aging will find counselors and classes through a hospital career development center that explain how to take care of a loved one, where to go for help when they feel overwhelmed and what to do in case of emergencies. Some places also hold weekly and monthly gatherings where a group of caregivers can meet together and discuss worries, concerns, and how they adjust to daily life with an aging parent.

Job fairs are sometimes conducted at a local career development center. This type of event enables students, graduates, alumni and others to interact with professionals in their desired field. Companies from all over the country set up booths and tables with presentations, pamphlets and brochures full of company information along with two or more company representatives who help answer questions. Potential employees learn about job requirements and what is expected of them should they become part of the team.

Many career development centers host an annual, or seasonal career crash course. This is a short course, usually a day or weekend, where participants either sign up for free or pay a small fee. Watch for advertisements on crash courses and sign up as soon as you can. There are only so many seats and free, or limited courses fill up fast.

A career development center offers people more than classes and conferences. Ask your college or university about their center's classes and counselors, or research a career development center online to learn more and how to enroll.

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