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´╗┐Start Them Thinking About the Future With a Career Development Four Year High School Plan


High schools have used career development plans of one kind or another for many years now. Starting in ninth grade, students begin work on a career development four year high school plan they will return to as they progress throughout their school years.

School counselors sit down with students on a one-on-one basis as they begin their career development four year high school plan. The plan involves assessing their present skills, taking into account the student's grade averages, personal preferences, their likes and dislikes. The counselor asks if the student already has an idea of what he or she wants to do after high school is over. If so, they look over the student's classes to determine which classes they will continue to take, which they can drop and which classes to add to reach their goals. Grades are important too. Any low grades need to be improved on for serious students to reach their ultimate career goals.

A career development four year high school plan also helps a student who is undecided on what to do after high school by assessing his skills, grade averages, likes and dislikes just the same as a student focused on an occupation. The counselor gives the student booklets on example job opportunities to go over and return to over the next four years.

Another part of the career development four year high school plan nudges the student to think about continuing their education after high school. Again, this begins at ninth grade. Not all students are prepared for this and may decide to take a year or two away from studying. Others start to look at colleges, universities and trade schools that offer classes in the type of work they want to get involved in. High school counselors have some brochures and information packets from higher education schools they give out to students.

But students do not need to stop there. The internet offers a wealth of information on different schools, how to apply, what is needed to get in, and what type of students the schools take in. They also have information on how to write a career development four year high school plan and continue a career development plan beyond high school. Search the internet for free articles on career development and how to set up a plan to use every time a new goal comes to mind.

Whether you, or your child is starting a career development four year high school plan, or are in the middle of one, ask the school counselor and teachers what your student needs to get on the right track toward reaching his or her goals.

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