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Change Career - Change Your Life


There are good reasons to change career. Sometimes family commitment changes, other times skills become redundant or a worker can become jaded in their chosen employment. To change career involves making decisions that will affect the lifestyle of the worker and their close associates and family.

To change career from a sedentary type of job, where the employee is not asked for hard physical labour, to outdoor employment will need a health assessment. The worker should consider their ability before they change career. It could mean taking a course at the gym, or concentrating on becoming fitter before presenting themselves to a prospective employer. If there are underlying health reasons for not doing heavy lifting, stressful physical activity or spending long hours on their feet, the worker might look elsewhere for employment and a change in career.

On the other hand, to change career from outdoors stressful labor to take up an office position could be a great way to slowly resolve health problems as a worker ages or a condition worsens. When the worker is facing aching muscles and exhausting work conditions outdoors, the decision to change career should be considered. Courses that involve computer skills and administration skills could be valuable at this juncture.

Change career for whatever reasons suit the need, but before submitting resumes and cover letters, ensure all the necessary skills and attributes for the new job have been addressed. When considering where to change career to, the worker will need to weigh up their likes and dislikes, their skill levels and their interests. If a disability is involved, that necessitates the change of career; more care will be needed in finding a suitable job for the worker.

Consider age, ability, interest and the scope for advancement and job satisfaction before undertaking a life changing move. The trauma involved when a worker decides to change career can affect their family and friends. Losing contact with co workers can cause stress. Working different hours, spending time traveling, moving house or leaving for long periods can seriously affect family life. Children, partners and spouses should be consulted before a worker decides to change career for this reason.

A worker will change career to better their life. They can do this by finding a new field of work that introduces new skills, makes use of old skills and interests, and by finding employment that suits the worker’s health and lifestyle. They should always consider the side effects and ensure the family is going to benefit in the long run before making major changes.

There are so many ways that a worker can benefit their lifestyle by deciding to change career. All they need to do is find a new career and seek employment in their new chosen field.

Christina Gray is a recognized authority on the subject of Career. Her website Career Exposed provides a wealth of informative articles and resources on everything you will need to know about career change. All rights reserved. Articles may be reprinted as long as the content and links remains intact and unchanged.

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