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Resume Career Change


To write a resume, career change orientated, you will need to consider various aspects of their working past. Whether the resume, career change focus is necessary because of redundancy or because of choice, the same rules will apply.

Focus the resume, career change orientation, on the skills the worker has gained during the course of their working life, to the job being applied for.
For example, a plumber who has been a tradesman all their life, will have certain skills that go with the trade that are not immediately obvious.
In the resume, career change design, these skills will become more important.

In the example of the tradesman, our plumber, will have learnt and mastered skills outside of his trade. Dealing with suppliers, handling receipts, keeping accounts will all become important if the tradesman chooses to enter a retail industry rather than a labor intensive industry.

The plumber’s resume, career change focus will demonstrate how the tradesman has successfully managed these administrative tasks. If the plumber were looking for a new career in teaching, they might focus their resume, career change format, on people skills, communication and the previous training of apprentices. Training apprentices would be an ideal skill to focus on if the worker was looking into a teaching position. The ability to share skills, and pass on knowledge is what teaching is all about and hands on experience will impress the prospective employer as much or more than a list of courses attended, without hands on experience.

If the worker who is planning a resume, career change minded, is moving from an outdoor lifestyle such as tour operator, into a less physical career such as retail or data entry, there are still skills to be explained.

Being a tour operator will involve keeping books, accounts and receipts. Good communication skills, teamwork and people skills are an obvious benefit of this type of experience. The ability to work independently, to take responsibility to understand safety and have first aid training will also be valuable assets to any employer. These are traits that at first may not seem relevant, but in a resume, career change orientated they become important and should be noted.

In any field, when designing the resume career change format, it is vital to look beyond the basic skills of the trade or job that has been done previously. Find the relevant skills needed for the new career and see just how many have already been learned and practiced daily. Even without a certificate to prove competency, everyday work experience can provide all the proof of accomplishment needed in a resume that will lead to a change in career.

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