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There will be times in life when a career change is necessary. This can be traumatic for anyone involved. With jobs at a premium looking toward a career change is a time when decisions need to be made and information must be gathered and assessed for a smooth transition.

A career change is often dictated by a change in work conditions, or a change in location. Sometimes a career change is from choice or when a worker finds physical requirements prevent them from continuing in their chosen field. A career change can be a good thing. A career change gives the worker a new direction a new scope for advancement and a more varied and interesting resume.

When a career change is necessary due to a change in work conditions, the upheaval can be traumatic for the worker. Care at this stage to reinforce the worker’s overall worth and achievements, their attributes and their skills, can prevent any adverse reaction to accepting the need to change their field of interest. If the worker looks at the need for a career change with enthusiasm and interest, the transition can be beneficial rather than detrimental to their overall health and well-being.

If the career change is undertaken for reasons of location, the move can be regarded as either a good thing or a necessary thing. Moving at any time is regarded as a trauma. Even when undertaken in the most rewarding frame of mind. Considering the stress involved the choice of making a career change should be taken seriously. There are aspects of making a career change that will alleviate the stress involved. The chance for new interests, utilizing new skills, meeting new people, advancement, promotion and training are all positive aspects of the decision. A career change can bring a worker closer to their family; add health benefits, increase skills and work satisfaction. The idea of a career change that involves moving can often involve unseen and unforeseen benefits for all involved.

When a worker must consider a career change due to health reasons, the stress involved can be debilitating in itself. At this stage the idea of a career change, should be viewed as an advantage. The worker will have skills that they have not yet considered. These should be explored and taken into account. A career change could enable the worker to continue in a field of interest, other than their chosen field of work. The career change could open new doors, cement previous interests and offer training in new aspects of the worker’s area of skill.

Looking for the positive side of a career change will make the transition less painful and could lead to an advantage for the worker.

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