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How To Reduce Stress Due to Career Change


Often the stress due to career change prevents workers from considering any change. The stress due to career change can come from not knowing what the future will bring. This can be addressed by looking at the present situation if it is unfulfilling and seeing that the only way things will change is if something radical is done.

Some stress due to career change comes from the need for upheaval. Moving closer to where there are more jobs, relocating, selling house or finding new rental properties can be very stressful and comes with finding a new career.

The stress can be addressed by taking time to organize and prepare. Research can help at this stage. Finding a suitable place to rent or live will enable the worker facing upheaval the chance to see how they can cope with a new career. Taking each step with care and forethought can help limit the stress involved in moving or contemplating a move.

The stress due to career change can come from not knowing if the worker is going to find scope for promotion and better pay. They can stress about whether the job will suit their skill levels and if the company can actually provide all the things they need for medical and social security. More stress can come from starting a new job, fitting in with workmates and fellow team members. Making friends can be difficult in a new town and working close to people the worker doesn’t know can be a stressful time.

Not knowing if they are making the right decision can be a factor in stress due to career change. With the workplace being a place for change more often than in previous years, the stability of any job is risky.

The worker should see the training needed for choosing a career change, as a benefit because at any time in the future they will have those added skills on their resume. Training for a career change should there fore be one means of lessening stress when the time approaches.

Taking courses in how to approach interviews, write resumes that work, find jobs that suit skill levels and looking outside the field of work, will help the worker cope with stress due to career change. From taking courses and learning about what they will find as they seek a new career, the worker can face the ideas of upheaval, of new job, of new skills and making new friends with more confidence.

Working to lessen the stress due to career change can give the worker hope. Whether because of redundancy, health, age or interest a change of career is bound to have some stress attached. Looking at how this stress can be alleviated will help the worker cope and achieve a successful career change.

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