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Mid Life Career Change - Surprise, Surprise


A mid life career change will probably surprise the employee as much as their family. A mid life career change may come after the worker has found themselves to be jaded or exhausted by the same routine followed for many years. It is a common situation and should not cause too much concern for the worker or their family.

A mid life career change can be a great boost to the worker’s lifestyle. Taking on a new challenge, learning new skills, doing courses put aside because of family commitments or lack of confidence can now be used to find a new career. A mid life career change should not be seen as a detrimental move. All the skills used in previous employment will stand in good stead when considering a new career.

Going from one career to another always takes a lot of forethought and consideration. Skills once used but forgotten can be honed and prepared for a new lifestyle. A mid life career change might not seem to be the way to advance, but often the old career has lost its shine and the scope for advancement and promotion is gone. With the advent of computer technology, and the way employment has gone in the past decade, the days of holding the same job for a lifetime of employment is now a thing of the past. Changing jobs is more frequent and a mid life career change is no longer an unusual occurrence.

When contemplating a mid life career change the worker will need to take into account their health and exactly what they are looking for in their new career. Looking to advance through the ranks in a new career will need careful planning, as much as when the worker first joined the work force. Training should address new skills needed or hone skills learned in the previous vocation. The worker should not dismiss any skills or interests they have accrued over the years. Even the most basic skills may lead to a field of employment they have not considered previously. Interests left for later years can now be looked at with a possibility of becoming a money making job. Self employment could stem from having spent years working in a certain field, developing expertise that can now be utilized in a business venture.

Unlike a career change early in the working career, a mid life career change will bring with it all the previous experience and abilities the worker has developed. The worker will know what they are capable of doing and what they want to do and how they see themselves achieving their goals. The mid life career change often leads to a new field that will be established even in retirement. The worker is more mature and their employability is often seen as more valuable than the inexperienced junior. In other words, the mid life career change worker brings with them valuable experience, that the employer will find beneficial, even if they are changing fields. Administration skills, leadership, experience in marketing, sales and design are valuable skills for example that translate through so many different careers and fields. Those workers able to call on such skills with confidence are valuable members of any team.

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