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´╗┐Recruitment Agencies in Singapore: Similarities and Differences


As with any country, there are many differences between the recruitment agencies in Singapore and those in the United States. Between the history of widespread unemployment in Singapore, the low population, the strong disapproval of criminal employment, and the relatively low salaries, Singapore differs greatly from the US. However, now that Singapore is emerging from these problems, the country's employment levels and the techniques for finding employment are becoming more and more like those in the US.

Over the last several years, the employment rate in Singapore has been quite low. There are many reasons for this, but as with any country, the economy goes through its ups and downs and often recovers. Luckily for Singapore, their downslide of employment levels is back on the upswing. The country is emerging from this period of high unemployment partially with the help of the many new recruitment agencies in Singapore.

Recruitment agencies in Singapore have readily sprung up all over the country, as well as all over the internet, as they have in the US and all over the rest of the world. Over the course of the last eight years, the number of recruitment agencies in Singapore has soared. There are now not only just general recruitment agencies in Singapore, but there are specialized recruiters who deal with only one area of Singapore and one particular career in that area. These specialized recruiters are not only gaining popularity in Singapore, they are also becoming prevalent in the US.

Another big, beneficial change to the recent Singapore job market is the increasing need for skilled workers. Jobs for skilled workers have grown exponentially, and because of this, the need for those specialized recruitment agencies in Singapore has grown even more.

In concert with the growth of the skilled workers' job market there has been another terrific change: the need for workers has pushed the salary amount up to its highest point in history. Having a higher salary offer for prospective employees not only makes finding a candidate easier, it also helps recruiters to find a qualified candidate for a position, since typically a qualified, educated and experienced candidate will request a higher salary.

There are a few things to remember before going to Singapore and getting a job. Even though the government of Singapore is pushing for a rise in population by making citizenship in Singapore easier to achieve, immigrants should be aware of the country's policies about hiring people with criminal records. A criminal record will keep you from getting most jobs in Singapore, and very few if any recruitment agencies in Singapore will work with someone who has a record, even if the person has already served jail time.

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