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Get Rid of Your Bad Habits for Career Advancement Success


Whether people have worked at the same job for twenty years or one day, the one thing most have in common is thinking about a job promotion or career advancement. There are no short cuts or quick steps to getting a promotion or advancing in a career but people definitely have to get rid of their bad habits for career advancement success. Career advancement success is setting achievement goals, defining these goals and taking action.

To achieve your career advancement goals means getting rid of bad habits for career advancement that hurt your success chances, such as having a poor work attitude. Never volunteering to help any of your coworkers or boss, doing personal things during office hours, talking back or showing annoyance when asked to do a task are bad habits that need correcting. Bosses are more likely to promote people that are pleasant, willing to help others, make personal calls on their break or lunch hour, and use their time wisely. During business hours, never use the telephone for personal calls unless it is an emergency.

Being late for work constantly, coming back from breaks or lunch late, abusing annual or sick leave, and leaving early are very bad habits for career advancement prospects. Management is more likely to promote employees that arrive to work early or on time, are dependable, return from lunch and break at the correct time, and follow the attendance regulations and rules.

Dressing inappropriately and poor grooming are definitely bad habits for career advancement success. When management or employees do not dress appropriately for work or let their personal grooming habits slide, their chance of career advancement is very slim. Dressing for success shows that they take pride in themselves and the company. Break poor grooming habits by setting aside enough time before work to do the necessary personal grooming required. There is nothing worse than having a conversation with someone that has bad breath or someone with hair or clothes that look like they just crawled out of bed. Work on changing these bad habits for career advancement opportunities.

Being honest with yourself and others is always the best policy. Being dishonest or insincere are definitely bad habits for career advancement success and ones that require changing. Being honest means being aware of your true weaknesses and strengths, admitting your mistakes, and being sincere and genuine. Never talk behind people’s backs, take credit for things you did not do, or intentionally hurt coworkers and put them down to build yourself up. Work on getting rid of bad habits for career advancement success.

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