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Career Advancement In Criminal Justice Article

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Opportunities for Career Advancement in Criminal Justice Are Numerous


When it comes to criminal justice and opportunities for career advancement in criminal justice, there are numerous career choices and opportunities available, such as correctional officers, private investigators, paralegals, crime scene investigators, lawyers, police officers, and forensic psychologists.

It is the job of a correctional officer to oversee or supervise offenders sentenced to serve time in a penitentiary, jail, or reformatory and for those arrested but awaiting trial. They preserve inmate responsibility and security to prevent assaults, escapes, and conflicts. Regardless of the work setting, correctional officers help enforce regulations, rules, and maintain order along with monitoring the inmates work assignments and activities. They periodically search inmates and check for contraband such as drugs or weapons, enforce discipline, check doors, window bars, and locks for any sign of tampering and inspect visitors and mail for banned items. Correctional officers only have law enforcement duties and responsibilities in the penitentiary, jail, reformatory, or correctional institution where they work. There are many opportunities for career advancement in criminal justice for correctional officers such as correctional sergeant or correctional treatment specialists.

A police officer or sheriff’s primary duty is to enforce the law, which involves arresting criminals, protecting communities, and investigating crimes. They search for and collect evidence to help prosecute offenders and criminals, keep detailed reports, and testify in court when necessary. Most police officers work in cities or towns while sheriff’s deputies normally work in small, rural areas that do not have their own police department. They train police officers and sheriffs deputies to respond to a broad range of situations and emergencies. Opportunities for career advancement in criminal justice for police officers and sheriff’s include heading up specialized units such as homicide. There is also career advancement in criminal justice opportunities available for police and sheriffs to replace people reaching retirement age.

Supervised by a licensed lawyer, a paralegal or legal assistant aids the attorney by drafting documents, interviewing clients, preparing trial notebooks, updating and reviewing files, helping the lawyer write legal briefs, and completing legal research. They also help the attorney prepare for trials, hearings, closings, and corporate meetings. The law prohibits paralegals from presenting cases in court, giving legal advice, setting legal fees, or other duties considered law practice. Paralegals duties vary depending on the agency, lawyer, law firm or organization. The career advancement in criminal justice opportunities for paralegals is exceeding good. Many accept employment with private law firms, U.S. Department of Justice, or gain experience and open their own business. Some continue their education and become attorneys, police officers or enter into other fields in criminal justice.

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