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Career Advancement Training School Article

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Career Advancement Training School: Providing Training In Property Valuation


There is no doubt that the real estate market is one of the most dynamic and fast paced industries. The markets are constantly changing for property sales and purchases, plus there is more refinancing happening now than ever, driving the demand for trained, certified valuators and real estate appraisers. With new and more stringent guidelines for appraisers and valuation being implemented in 2008 the programs offered at the Career Advancement Training School will allow new and existing appraisers to easily meet the professional development and licensure requirements under these new laws.

The Career Advancement Training School provides a variety of different types of programs and certifications to allow graduates to have the knowledge and practical skills to find careers either with real estate companies, banks and financial institutes, insurance companies or as self-employed appraisers. Located in Claremore, Oklahoma the Career Advancement Training School provides both basic trainee license courses for new appraisers as well the various continuing education courses needed to fulfill licensing requirements.

Classes are complete though in-person courses that are offered in various lengths from 30 hours to seven hours, depending on the type of course and the topics covered. A brief overview of the courses offered at the Career Advancement Training School includes:

• Market Analysis and High and Best Use – a course designed to help appraisers learn the tools and analytical skills needed to evaluate the current market conditions based on both buyers and sellers behaviors in the marketplace.

• Basic Appraisal Principles – a thirty hour program designed to give new appraisers trying to achieve their trainee license the foundation understanding and knowledge of appraisal and property valuation. Legal issues as well as ethical considerations are included in the coursework.

• Basic Appraisal Practices – the practical aspect of the Basic Appraisal Principles program, this course offered by Career Advancement Training School allows students apply the theory to real world examples and case studies.

• Residential Report Writing – designed to help new and experienced appraisers to have a greater understanding of the various types of reports and their use in preparing information for clients.

The focus of the Career Advancement Training School is to focus on both the theory of the concepts as well as practical applications of the knowledge. This combination assures students, those that are new to the profession and those that are experienced, that they will be able to directly and immediately use the skills learned in the programs in their daily work. Students completing the programs from Career Advancement Training School will receive certificates of completion for each course that meet the requirements.

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