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Solving Your Career Advancement and Overweight Problems


In today’s society, there are more people overweight than every before and although people realize how important it is to keep their weight down and shed those extra, unwanted pounds, for many it is a difficult battle. Unfortunately, when it comes to career advancement and overweight people, they have diminished career advancement opportunities because of their appearance. The results of many surveys confirm that companies and organizations are less likely to hire overweight individuals and when it comes to career advancement and overweight people, they are less likely to promote obese people even though they do an excellent job in their current position and are well qualified for the new position. The survey results show that overweight men and women are discriminated against, which means there are millions of perfectly capable workers that deserve career advancement opportunities but lose out because of their physical appearance.

If you are a person that has experienced career advancement and overweight problems, there are ways to improve your chance of career advancement and promotions. When a person has self-confidence and pride, employers and people around them notice this. For people that lack self-confidence, there are ways to build up and improve it, so they feel confident enough to pursue their goals without letting their weight hold them back. Start by recording each day’s positive acts and accomplishments you perform, as seeing them in black and white will help you realize your self worth.

If you are interested in career advancement and overweight issues seem to be holding you back, talk to a dietician or your doctor about a diet that fits your lifestyle but is balanced and healthy. Remember that many overweight people try several different diets before they find one that works successfully for them, so do not become discouraged. Going on fad diets or losing weight too quickly usually results in gaining back the lost weight just as rapidly. To get career advancement and overweight extra pounds weight loss means not getting discouraged because the weight is coming off slowly and remembering that you did not gain the extra weight in a day so it does take time to lose weight properly.

When looking for career advancement and overweight problems are an issue, be well groomed and dress for success. Being well groomed is important for everyone, regardless of his or her weight. Promoting a positive, business-like impression means always being neat, tidy, dressing appropriately, and sounding professional. Wear clothes that fit properly and are good quality. Stay away from baggy clothes that make you look heavier instead of trimmer.

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