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Many Company’s Institute Anti Nepotism and Career Advancement Policies


What is anti nepotism and career advancement? Nepotism refers to favoritism shown to spouses, relatives, or close friends by people in power, such as by giving them a job or job promotion. Many business organizations have used nepotism in the hiring process both informally and formally since their business started but it has always generated controversy. The majority of people look upon anti nepotism and career advancement opportunities given to spouses, relatives, and close friends negatively. The reason most business people disagree with nepotism is they feel it is a type of favoritism or privilege founded upon family ties or connections. They believe anti nepotism and career advancement opportunities should not rely on family connections but instead, based upon individual merit. Many people feel that using nepotism as a factor to advance a person’s career, instead of merit, is an illogical and unfair business practice. Some organizations have instituted anti nepotism and career advancement policies either formally written or in some cases, as non-written policies.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics by the U.S. Department of Labor, over sixty percent of married couples today have dual careers, making some wonder whether anti nepotism and career advancement and hiring policies are as beneficial in the end to companies and organizations as once believed. Some believe that nepotism is family members from two or more generations while others also include husbands and wives or paired employees.

In small business environments, business owners and advisers often viewed nepotism negatively because they felt that non-family members would resent family members working in the business or view them as a threat when it came to their own career success. Nepotism can actually be a very useful, positive experience in family owned, smaller businesses when practiced in a sensible way that rewards both non-family and family employees for the success of the company. The best way to ensure that family employees work effectively together and avoid many possible problems is to institute formal guidelines regarding training, hiring, reporting structure, succession, and responsibilities. Some factors affecting these guidelines will include their line of business, culture, history, and family’s size.

When hiring family members, some experts believe that in addition to appropriate education, there are certain qualifications these members should meet before they permanently join the family business. One of these qualifications is three or more years of work experience outside the family business. Experts claim that this provides the family member with an idea of their self-worth and market value, understand and appreciate the family company, and learn to deal with challenges.

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