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Options To Promote Career Advancement For Chemical Dependency Professionals While Working Full-Time


One of the many benefits of modern technology is the use of the computers and the internet to prepare for promotions and new jobs though online trainings, certifications and degrees. There are many options in career advancement for chemical dependency professionals offered online at very reasonable costs. The benefits of using online programs for career advancement for chemical dependency professionals include:

• 24 hour access to class materials without having to give up time at work or with the family
• Flexibility in completing programs within a self-paced timeline
• The ability to network with other professionals also completing the program through secure chat programs and emails
• 24 hours access to the instructors through emails that will be answered during virtual office hours
• Access to databases and online libraries from the comfort of your own home
• Having the ability to apply course work directly to projects, protocols or procedures used within the treatment facility
• Having access to instructors from literally any online college or facility nationally or internationally

One of the most effective ways to get started in career advancement for chemical dependency professionals is to advance from the basic professional educational requirements to a Master's or Doctorate level program. These degrees are typically in a psychology field or social work field, but may also be from other applicable degree programs. Additional experience in particular types of settings such as mental health institutes, outpatient intensive treatment programs, prisons, youth treatment centers or chemical dependency centers are also considered as ideal opportunities for career advancement for chemical dependency professionals.

As with any type of advancement within a career field this is an increased expectation for both management as well as supervisory training. Career advancement for chemical dependency professionals may include Master of Business Administration or MBA programs or Master of Business Administration with a specialization in Healthcare Management. Other certification or credentialed programs including public health, dependency treatment program management, research and development of programs or other mental health related programs are all considered in promotions and advancement opportunities.

Most of the individuals interested in career advancement for chemical dependency professionals should also consider serving on or recommending themselves for positions on voluntary committees or projects to demonstrate their leadership and team work abilities. Other options to enhance promotions include developing communication skills, specializing in a particular type of chemical dependency, attending more than the basic number of professional development classes as well as being actively involved in ongoing projects and activities both in the community and on the job.

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